GOLD Package

Personal-Branding-Template-Gold-PackageAre you ready to move your business forward? Ready to establish a visual identity for your Brand that people recognize and remember? Then it’s time to go for the GOLD Package where you’ll receive all of the following below.


360 Reach Premium Assessment – Survey + Report
The first and leading web-based personal brand assessment that helps you get the real story about how you are perceived by those around you. The 360 Reach Premium Assessment gives you the critical feedback you need in order to expand your business success and thrive in today’s professional environment.

StandOut Assessment – Survey + Report
An easy-to-use online assessment tool designed to highlight and identify your top two Strength Roles, allowing you to find your edge in the workplace, and turn your valued strengths into a powerful force to achieve your goals and create the success you desire.

Personal Brand on Demand – Video Coaching Modules
10 inspiring, self-guided video modules lead by Personal Branding guru William Arruda himself. Follow along at your own pace as he takes you through all the primary steps in establishing your Personal Brand. Includes your own personal workbook as well as a 1-year subscription to the Personal Brand on Demand video modules.

Personal Brand Profile
Vision, Values, Purpose and Passions – and that’s just the beginning. Who are you? What do you stand for? How are you set apart from the competition? All of these questions (plus many more) as well as your customized answers are all laid out in a simple-to-understand and highly-visual format, right before your very eyes.

Creative Mood Board
A Creative Mood Board is the visual path to your Brand’s doorstep. It illustrates the concepts, ideas and design styles that will combine to form everything about you, your business, and the experience you provide. Colors. Images. Text. Textures. Inspiration is just a click away, so let’s start clicking.

Logo Design
It’s the visual representation of your Brand. It’s the foundation of your offering and it’s one of the key elements of your visual identity. This is not the time to skimp on quality. Spend time and effort understanding, defining and refining your logo, and you will be rewarded each and every time you share your Brand with the world.

Color Palette
Do you know the color of your Brand? Perhaps it’s red, green, blue, or even orange. Do you know the meaning of those colors? Every color is different and it carries it’s own unspoken personality. Choose the wrong color, and your Brand will feel forced and inauthentic. That’s why we spend time closely examining your Brand before we identify your color palette. We must uncover your true colors for you to truly shine.

All fonts are not created equal. Your Brand has a personality, a style and an emotion. So your typefaces must be aligned with everything you and your Brand represent. Soft, kind, bold, aggressive. Your typeface can deliver a message just with it’s style, thickness and flow. Shouldn’t you take the time to choose your typefaces wisely?

Just as color and typefaces can make or break your Brand, the textures associated with your Brand also carry a heavy influence on how your message is perceived in the marketplace. Looking for a light, bright and feminine feel for your Brand? Or perhaps a fun, casual and approachable? Textures can help support and enhance that emotion. 

Business Cards
Despite the high-tech world we live in, the Business Card is still one of the most highly effective ways to get your business and Brand into the hands of others, literally. A well-designed, quality-printed business card can go a long way in this digital age. It shows you care about the details in your business, and it shows you know how to leave an impression.

Brand Style Guide
The core design elements of your Brand make up your Brand Style Guide. You will receive an entire visual blueprint of everything key to your Brand’s identity – logo, color palette, textures, typefaces and business card – all in one place to reference. The Brand Style Guide serves as a visual guide in moving your Brand forward.

Time to Take Action

Personal-Branding-Program-Take-Action-1Ready to get started on your Personal Branding journey?

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