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Fogarty Innovation
Rebranding + Website

Located in the heart of the Silicon Valley on the campus of El Camino Health’s main hospital, Fogaty Innovation helps early-stage medtech companies cross the chasm from novel idea to notable solution.

Seeking to rebrand and establish both their internal/external messaging, Fogarty Innovation came to the Six Degrees team where we helped them create and launch their new brand to a global audience.

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Fogarty Innovation was ready to make a big splash with their all-new brand, commonly referred to as “Fogarty 2.0.”

As a nonprofit in the medical technology space – led by a committed staff of seasoned executives bringing 250+ years of cumulative leadership experience from over 60 companies – the Six Degrees team knew we had to raise the bar in both the design and messaging aspects of the website.  

With a unique combination of custom video, custom illustrations, and custom messaging, we created a new Fogarty Innovation website that showcased how they successfully foster and inspire medtech innovation to advance human health.   


Your Brand’s logo is much more than just a name, an icon and some pretty colors. It provides a quick glimpse into the look & feel of your business as well as provides an opportunity to communicate your brand’s value to the world. With Fogarty Innovation, our team created a brand logo that embraced their true personality. It was clean, modern, thoughtful, and approachable.


Did you know 84% of people say they’ve been convinced to want to learn more about a product or service just by watching a brand’s video?

That’s exactly why we developed a 60-second video showcasing Fogarty Innovation’s newly established brand, vision and mission, as well a unique way of highlighting their alliances with innovators, industry, and government.

In addition to leveraging the video in various marketing capacities, our agency team recommended (and added) this brand video to play above-the-fold on the new Fogarty Innovation website for an even greater way to impact and engage website visitors.  


A Brand Style Guide is your rulebook on how to present the look and feel of your brand to the world.  

It includes specific guidelines on everything from logo usage and typography to color palettes, image usage, and even your brand voice and tone.  

The 30+ page Brand Style Guide the Six Degrees team developed for Fogarty Innovation ensures their Brand maintains a consistent look & feel in everything it does. And that’s a smart investment.

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