Are you in doubt about the direction of your life, your business, or your career?

Do you often attempt new creative projects, new ideas, and even new businesses, only to walk away in utter disappointment once you learned you’re not an expert on your first try?

Are you afraid of failing?

Chances are, many of the people around us face these same challenges as well.

Actually, EVERYONE around us faces these same challenges.

Let’s face it, it’s a fact of life. We doubt ourselves – and many times, it’s right at the time when we need to have more confidence, more drive and more passion in our work and in ourselves than ever before.

But THE GAP by Ira Glass teaches us the important thing to remember is this…

Don’t quit.

Don’t give in.

Don’t give up.

You have the skill.

You have the vision.

And you have the burning ambition inside you.

So get out there and discover your purpose, your passion, your “thing” that lights you up each and every day – and start creating the work that will one day bridge the gap between good and great.

Fight through all the hard stuff, so you can one day enjoy all the good stuff.

Your life will thank you.